Looking Down Nicollet Mall

Building Initiatives

The IDS Center has many ways for our tenant community to be great stewards of your environment. We have significant programs in place such as the following: a full scale recycling program, scheduled events in the Crystal Court with Metro Transit on alternative commuting options, we practice green cleaning methods, environmentally friendly purchasing practices and we have energy management programs to save on utility consumption.

Janitorial Green Cleaning Practices/Purchasing: Green chemicals are used for most of the property cleaning. In addition, all paper products used at the property are 40% post-consumer recycled fiber and fall within the Green compliant guidelines. All chemicals used in our water treatment are now environmentally friendly. ABM Janitorial uses mop heads with a micro-fiber head reducing the amount of chemical needed and doing a better job of capturing the dirt in the environment. Finally, the entire fleet of vacuum cleaners were changed out to a “Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label” approved vacuum. If you have any questions, please contact ABM Janitorial at 612.341.3583.

When purchasing the new carpet for the skyway, the new carpet selected provided “Green” options with a recycled content of 12% post consumer and 3% pre-consumer. The product passes the CRI Green Label Plus certification for low VOC emissions and it meets the USGBC LEED criteria for recycled content. When replacing the carpet, we recycled the 2,000 yards of material pulled from the four skyway bridges in order to start the recycling process all over again. For more information on what you can do to purchase recycled material or recycle existing finishes go to www.epa.gov.

Energy Management/Water Conservation: IDS Center ownership made a capital investment in 2008 to replace the once-through water system to a closed loop system that delivers water serving tenants’ individual package units, which are typically used to cool their computer rooms. Annual savings equate to over 40 million gallons of water not being flushed down the drain, which is an estimated savings of $275,000 per year for tenants on the loop. In 2010, one of the 400-ton chillers was retrofitted with three Maglev Turbocor “magnetic” compressors. This technology has been calculated to have saved 111,000 kwh, which equates to $9,000. The installation of a lighting control system throughout the tower was completed in 2010. Based on an energy study, the system will pay for itself in approximately seven years, saving 500,000 kwh per year. In addition to these savings, we have received a significant rebate of $50,000 from Xcel Energy. Energy projects slated for completion in 2011 include the conversion of all decorative lighting in the Crystal Court and on the skyway bridges to LED fixtures and a full retrofit of the lighting in the parking garage. This retrofit will replace 175 watt metal halide lamps with T5HO fluorescent fixtures with motion sensors, with anticipated savings of $25,000 annually.

Management will continue to look for additional energy/water conservation ideas and implement when possible.

Water Fact:

Building occupants use 12.2 percent of the total water consumed in the U.S. per day.

Source – EPA

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