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IDS Center Timeline

1998: Reinstallation and re-dedication of the Crystal Court. The re-dedication ceremony was officiated by then Mayor Sharon Sayles-Belton, and attended by many downtown Minneapolis Council Members.  White benches, black olive trees and a 105-foot fountain (designed by HGA Architects and Engineers of Minneapolis) inject new life into the Crystal Court, which serves as the crossroads for Minneapolis commerce, retailing hospitality and the social hub of the city.
1995: Management partnered with Xcel Energy to complete a full lighting retrofit for the entire tower. The estimated savings of consumed electricity was 41-watts per fixture. It resulted in one of the largest rebates ever given by Xcel Energy, who wrote a check to tenants for over $400,000.
1995: Sculptor Jonathan Borofsky’s mammoth “Hammering Man” comes to the Crystal Court for a short exhibition and all retail kiosks are removed.
1994: On Friday, April 8, 1994, the Crystal Court and Marquette Hotel were transformed into White House headquarters for a day. President Bill Clinton took the stage at noon in the Crystal Court, rallying for support of his health-care plan while 3,500 guests watched and listened. As a downpour raged outside, the president said, “I’m very grateful to the people from IDS Center ownership who made it possible for us to meet inside instead of outside today.”
1993: Based on the design direction of Shea Architects, the tower’s lobby and elevators receive a makeover intending to brighten the tower lobby and add more elegance.

  • Woolworth’s closes, replaced by The Gap and Banana Republic among others.
  • The Orion Room closes and the Minnesota Alumni Club moves out of the IDS Center and is replaced with Windows on Minnesota.
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